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Training at Wildfire Farm

Expressions say it all

Mary Flood is an expert in the field of dressage. In working with her, your horse will be correctly trained, happy and a pleasure to ride. The quiet atmosphere and comfortable amenities at Wildfire Farm allow you to concentrate on training and improve your skill level.


Based on your horse's capabilities, Mary can successfully train your horse up through Grand Prix and all levels in between. She can help you get started with your young horse and design a program, based on the recognized training scale, to develop your horse up through the levels.


Each horse is treated as an individual. How far each horse advances is based on his/her athletic ability, conformation and temperament. Training programs are based on your horse’s athletic ability, his/her capacity to conform and individual temperament. Mary will provide a realistic evaluation of your horse as to the proper training program best suited to your horse's individual needs and ability.


Your horse’s training includes working various methods, as well as learning opportunities and development. Mary will teach you and your horse in-hand work, the proper lunging techniques, double lunge, long-lining and ground pole exercises. 

"Learn to see through the horse's eyes.

The journey is different as seen

from the horse's point of view."


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