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Mary Flood

"My love of working with all aspects of horses keeps the joy and wonder in each day.

Mary Flood

Photo by Jordon Coepke

“The knowledge and experience I have amassed give you and your horse the best chance to be successful without compromise to your horse's mental and physical health,” 

Mary Flood

For over 40 years, Mary Flood has devoted herself to learning and improving her riding technique and her knowledge of dressage. Her proficiency, insight and appreciation of the sport afford Mary the tools to successfully teach dressage skills and train others. And because dressage is the foundation of all other types of riding, Mary has also amassed in-depth experience in eventing, show jumping, hunters, competitive trail riding and Western riding.



During her career, Mary has successfully trained and competed a number of horses at the FEI Level. In addition, Mary’s European training has led to multiple awards and accomplishments, including:

  • Wins at the prestigious Grand Prix at Devon and Festival of Champions

  • BLM Champion at Grand Prix

  • USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals

  • U.S. Equestrian Team (USET) Long List

  • 1992 Olympic Screening Trails on Daktary

  • USDF Certified National Level Instructor and Trainer

  • Numerous USDF Horse of the Year Awards (from 2nd Level thru Grand Prix), including HOY Freestyle at 3rd and 4th Level, Intermediare 1 and Grand Prix (notably on Daktary, Latour, Dutch Royal, Femme Fatale and Willow Rose)

  • VADA Horse of the Year Championships at FEI, Training, Third and Fourth

  • High Score PVDA Show of over 700 rides

  • High Score FEI

  • Best Horse at the Dressage Derby at Gladstone, NJ


Mary has shared her extensive knowledge by helping develop future instructors through USDF workshops and seminars and offering clinics throughout the United States. In addition, she has spent many years teaching the U.S. Pony Club and has assisted three riders to earn their “A” rating. Mary has been featured in national magazines, including Dressage Today, USDF Connection, Dressage and CT and Practical Horseman, as well as appeared on several television programs, such as “Living with Animals,” a PBS special about advanced dressage.


Mary has trained with dressage stars all over the world, listed below, all with a goal of correct development of the horse.

  • Kyra Kirkland

  • Nicolle Upholf

  • Klaus Balkenol

  • Reiner Klimke

  • Manolo Mendez

  • Nuno Olivero

Mary’s desire to learn and her ability to stay open-minded are the continuing hallmarks of her career. She stayed continually updated by attending the USDF Symposiums, attending and riding in the USDF Trainer Conferences and participating as a demonstration rider for national and international judges forums.


  • Major Lindgren

  • Eicke vonVeltheim

  • Bent Jensen

  • Jessica Rousehausen

  • Alex Chterba

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