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Each horse-and-rider combination is treated as an individual. How far each horse advances is based on his/her athletic ability, conformation and temperament.

Mary will provide a realistic evaluation of your horse and recommend the training program best suited to your horse's individual needs as well as the ability to develop your horse up through the levels.

Private lessons are scheduled in 60-minute blocks and longer for group lessons.

Lessons with Mary

Mary is dedicated to teaching the correct, classical training of harmony through dressage as well as the many aspects of horsemanship to the rider.

Training includes all horse-and-rider mental and emotional aspects of riding, including how to deal with nerves. 

Students learn how to solve a variety of problems, including horses that are deemed "difficult," "stubborn" or "anxious."


From basic skills to advanced movement, Mary uses the following methods in her lessons:

  • Seat work to help students develop an effective seat

  • In-hand work, lunging and long-lining skills

  • Grid and ground pole exercises

  • Thinking from a horse’s point of view

  • Defining long- and short-term goals

  • Understanding the training scale to success

  • Confidence building and handling show nerves

Coaching is available at local shows.

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